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Capital Markets

capital market services
SQS works with leading investment banks, fund managers and hedge funds to help implement systems that support the trading life-cycle. Capital markets are entirely system dependent, and system change within investment houses is constant. This change is driven by a combination of market forces, including the growth of exchanges, the drive for competitive advantage, new trading instruments and new compliance and regulation requirements such as the Volcker Ruling, Dodd Frank, Basel III, Solvency II and Retail Distribution Review. Our software quality experts support clients in making changes quickly, accurately and confidently.

Your benefits

  • Strong sector experience
    Your projects are delivered on time and in quality as we understand quality assurance in Capital Markets sector.
  • Local experts supported by an international network
    You will profit from an unrivalled consultant pool for quality assurance and testing services based on our in-country specialists who share expertise via an international knowledge base.
  • Flexible business models
    Combining onsite and specialist consultancy with managed services means transparent output based pricing with clear KPIs, automation and on- and offshore support for maximum efficiency and scalability.
  • Cost reduction
    We enable clients to achieve lasting cost savings while systematically reducing expenditure.

SQS combine different skills

SQS' value is in providing specialist consultants with experience in multiple instruments and applications combined with skills in more technical testing disciplines, which the complex system landscape within banks and investment houses demand.

Reducing Cost of Change to Trading systems through the rapid implementation of pre-existing test automation frameworks for investment trading systems (e.g. Calypso, Summit, Beauchamp, CADIS)

Capacity Management – extensive performance testing expertise to validate system capacity in volatile markets

Test Management and senior testing consultancy to assist delivery of large scale programmes and enabling change (e.g. OTC Deutsche Bank)

Agile Delivery implementation reduces the time between releases, delivering leaner, more focused system change.

  • Misys Summit
  • Calypso
  • Linedata Beauchamp
  • Charles River
  • Thinkfolio
  • Markit CADIS
  • OpenLink
  • Murex

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