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Consumer Finance

Consumer Finance
SQS possesses a track record of over 3 million person hours in testing consumer finance applications. These include vehicle finance, personal loans, consumer loans and mortgages, covering products such as Pan Credit®, LSI-NT®, Foresee®, Cheque-Mate®, Phoebus® and NBO®.

Your Benefits

  • SQS’s eye for detail and our knowledge of business practices are instrumental in identifying critical gaps in various areas such as functional requirements and business workflow.
  • Flexibility in process and approach by accommodating the frequent changes made in the project execution approach.
  • Business process maps have already been developed for all the major process areas identified for private banking operations.
  • Suggested process changes and new features that improve the product capabilities. 
  • Our Risk Priority Matrix facilitates the prioritization of the functions and scenarios to be tested resulting in the identification of critical defects during the initial phase of testing.

Expertise in Consumer Finance

  • Test coverage on complete business lifecycle: Originations - account creation, static data maintenance, risk strategies and credit decisions, underwriting and approval.
  • Finance servicing: Pay-outs, clearing and settlement, repayment schedule, collaterals, amortization, interrogation, swift messages, reports and advice and account closure.
  • Regulatory updates: SQS’s domain team keeps track of global regulatory changes in the consumer finance sector.
  • Techniques and tools: Structured test data selection and configuration management practices to facilitate optimal use of existing test data and expertise in test data generation tools.
  • Financial calculators: Time-tested and flexible financial calculators that can help analyse and simulate test data rapidly. These include credit bureau simulation and amortisation calculators.
  • Test Optimisation: Reusable repository of testware to quickly customize and optimize testing cost.

Applications / Platforms tested

FinnOne  |  IDOL  |  Omnis  |  MiFIN  |  Phoebus Finacle  |  Select  |  Flexcube  |  Centrac  |  Equation, Quaestor

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