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Delivery Channels

Delivery Channels
Banks, driven by global competition, are continuously coming up with innovative products for their customers. New delivery channels such as the Internet, ATM, Mobile and IVR have revolutionized the way customers interact with banks. Flawless functioning of these delivery channels is of crucial importance to banks as increasing portions of their revenue depend on these new channels.

SQS is a specialist in testing front-end delivery channels. Our testing experience spans major products like Flexcube® Internet banking, S1 Internet banking®, BankNet®, VeriBranch and Smart Business®.

Our comprehensive test coverage experience includes account summary, transaction inquiry, fund transfers, direct debits, SEPA and ACH payments, standing orders, bill payments, utility payments, bulk transfers, scheduled transfers, service requests, mobile alerts, reminders and text messages.

Your Benefits

  • SQS’s eye for detail and our knowledge of business practices are instrumental in identifying critical gaps in various areas such as functional requirements and business workflow.
  • Flexibility in process and approach by accommodating the frequent changes made in the project execution approach.
  • Business process maps have already been developed for all the major process areas identified for private banking operations.
  • Suggested process changes and new features that improve the product capabilities.
  • Our risk priority matrix facilitates prioritization of the functions and scenarios to be tested resulting in the identification of critical defects during the initial phase of testing.

Expertise in Testing Delivery Channels

  • Test Scenario Design: Test scenario designs, based on the data flow from upstream channels to the downstream host/interface applications, help reduce synchronization differences across applications.
  • Defects Repository: Readily available repository of issues focusing on multiple interface touch points, providing additional inputs for defect fixes.
  • Technical Experts: Pool of approximately 20% of in-house technical experts who help the test teams handle mobile clients and encryption issues.
  • Testing Methodology: Structured testing methodology to handle tests across multiple mobile models using mobile emulators.
  • Data Simulation: In-house data generation tools to simulate high volume transactions from channels.
  • Tools: Tools developed in-house for file format creation which leads to a reduction in simulation time for external/third party interface files and messages.
  • Performance Testing: Proprietary performance test framework to measure the performance of channels while handling transaction volumes against established SLAs.
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