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Your Insurance business is evolving – gaining new customers, securing customer loyalty, expanding your products are your new business goals.

Yet is your IT holding you back?

IT software for Insurance is evolving too. Your customers expect instant access to their policies and customer service, on the go and across all devices. Each moment of their experience needs to seamlessly bring together their data and requirements, linked across mobile, web, phone, or in person when visiting their broker.

Your customers have insured against an unknown future. Have you?

Protect yourself from risk. Ensure your IT software delivers seamless performance and certainty in outcomes, providing quality customer experience. SQS can help.

SQS has extensive experience with large insurance companies, coupled with deep technical quality assurance knowledge. With a global delivery network of resources available to you, we ensure you engage with a team of consultants dedicated to achieving your goals.

We not only have the expertise to improve software quality through our testing delivery services, but we also establish processes and practices that provide sustainable quality throughout the lifecycle of your insurance systems.


SQS can help you

  • Have assurance that critical defects in your software is at zero
  • Have a complete understanding of what can and cannot be implemented with your current systems.
  • Know that your IT delivers
  • Providing a seamless transition for our Insurance clients  to move their website onto mobiles and tablets by adopting an Agile approach and shifting left in quality assurance
  • Assuring firms have an integrated view of risk by providing quality governance and assurance to provide a single view of the customer
  • Supporting Insurance firms increasing their speed to market by using performance and user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure that customers have the best experience through online and checking system resilience to allow multiple users and high volumes of transactions
  • And over 8000 successfully completed projects

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