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Manufacturing services
The IT that supports the manufacturing sector is undergoing a radical transformation as manufacturing companies become more agile, complex and mobile. Increasingly manufacturers are implementing continuous improvement initiatives to enhance both quality and competitive position. This includes optimisation of process integration and quality throughout the supply chain.

SQS software quality experts help clients to benefit from advanced manufacturing technology while meeting sustainability and regulatory requirements. Having worked globally with leading manufacturers, such as ABB, Volkswagen and Getrag Ford, we have successfully delivered quality programmes for embedded software and business IT systems. Our proven and industry leading software quality services speed up returns on investment and reduce project delivery cost. 

Your benefits

  • Strong sector experience
    Your projects are delivered on time and in quality as we understand quality assurance in Manufacturing sector.
  • Local experts supported by an international network
    You will profit from an unrivalled consultant pool for quality assurance and testing services based on our in-country specialists who share expertise via an international knowledge base.
  • Flexible business models
    Combining onsite and specialist consultancy with managed services means transparent output based pricing with clear KPIs, automation and on- and offshore support for maximum efficiency and scalability.
  • Cost reduction
    We enable clients to achieve lasting cost savings while systematically reducing expenditure.
  • ERP and PLM quality assurance
    We find the most efficient way for manual, automated and performance testing of market leading ERP and PLM solutions.
  • Less risk of IP infringement
    Have a clear view of license obligations with proven supply chain processes and code scanning.
  • Early error detection
    Our services ensure right first time solutions driven by requirements validation and unit testing.

Expertise in business IT and embedded software

SQS is uniquely positioned to support clients in the Manufacturing sector - we have industry expertise in delivering testing and quality management services for both business IT and embedded software.
We have strong business relationships with leading suppliers and research organisations to ensure that we have a solid understanding of the key drivers in the sector, and our services deliver best practice and innovation.

Our consultants have in-depth experience of manufacturing projects; our services have been developed from real world projects in a wide cross-section of manufacturing sectors, including: automotive, aerospace, railways, electronics, semiconductors, building and airport automation, FMCG and process engineering. With a global knowledge base, our teams are up-to-date with advances in manufacturing such as additive manufacturing, adaptive machining and visualisation. More importantly, SQS understands the pressures on IT systems that these changes are causing.

We provide software quality and testing services that support IT integration throughout business and manufacturing processes. We help our clients to integrate IT systems throughout the supply chain.

Our tools expertise also covers Simulink - experienced consultants write test cases based on Simulink models to provide high levels of coverage, ensuring that the generated code delivers the functionality precisely as described in the specification.

As a global testing consultancy, we have proven capability to deliver quality initiatives onshore, nearshore and offshore. Our clients gain the right testing at the right price with the option of innovative commercial models such as risk/reward and output-based pricing. Uniquely, our Test Automation FaQtory® approach ensures that our services can be scaled to meet the needs of any company.


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