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Payment is a vital cog in the machinery of global economy. For businesses around the world one of the most important factors to consider in engaging, retaining and meeting their client’s demand, is the security, speed and safety of their client’s payments, regardless of their location.

To address the above needs, banks and the financial institutions have to constantly innovate and at the same time ensure that the infrastructure they deploy is most efficient, compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations like Basel-III , AML, Durbin Amendment, FINCEN, Dodd Frank and robust enough to handle huge volumes of traffic across various countries.

The pace at which the payment technology is evolving is astonishing and SQS’s best practice test methodologies and strategies help clients to be faster, stronger and more confident in the payments market.

Your Benefits

Strong Domain Experience
A project’s needs and requirements are addressed efficiently and effectively as we understand that quality assurance is a vital part in the payments market.

Key Geographical Knowledge
Your project, involving cross geography implementation is catered to appropriately, with rules and regulations specific to that geography which enables you to save time and manpower.

Customer Centric Business Model
The combination of our onsite and specialist consultants, the project’s points of contact, and our managed services assures you of transparent output based pricing with clear KPI’s, automation, on- and off-shore support for maximum efficiency and scalability.

Cost Reduction
Our knowledge and value-added practices in niche areas enable clients to reduce and save costs systematically.


Expertise Beyond Boundaries

The payment technology is ever evolving and the conventional modes of payments involved, both in retail and corporate payment structures such as cash, cheques etc., are fast replaced by electronic payments like wire transfers, direct debits, prepaid wallets and mobile payments. Rapid regulatory changes are being introduced to ensure that non-banking institutions that are getting into the business of processing payments act in a secure, controlled and customer-centric manner. Our expertise spans all the three aspects of security, control and customer centricity.

Our organised and efficient methodologies help clients realize their optimal potential and cater effectively to the payments market. Our local and international presence gives us the insight to the best standards of the payment industry across the globe, providing us a significant advantage in leveraging that knowledge to provide the best of the consulting and competent testing practices.

Our testing centre of excellence provides an insight on how we offer SLA based delivery centres in an on- and off-shore delivery model. Our domain experts spread across various geographies possess an in- depth understanding of the local and international retail and corporate payment sector including the complex landscape system. They provide assistance in implementing quality testing practices and ensure we deliver cost effective practices.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Testing and validating the processing of a diverse mix of payments using comprehensive data in retail and consumer banking, corporate banking, card transactions, central bank clearing and settlement platforms.
  • Compliance & regulatory controls- Basel III, AML, Dodd Frank ,FINCEN and Durbin amendment
  • Providing ready to use knowledge assets and customizable tools.
  • Reusable payment transaction repositories
  • File builders for bulk payments and file verification tools for reconciliation
  • Data generators
  • Message generators/simulators for payment initiation – SWIFT/ISO/XML messages.
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