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Retail Banking

Retail Banking
Competitive pressures are driving retail banks to innovate and become more efficient. Further, the demands of new and more stringent global compliance requirements are consuming a larger proportion of retail banks’ budgets as competition increases. To stay competitive banks have to implement new IT architectures for their processing platforms and in order to strengthen client focus retail banks will migrate from monolithic back office systems to process based platforms.

Speed, accuracy and confidence in the ability to implement change are major success factors for financial services institutions in the retail market. SQS helps clients to deploy efficient software testing strategies and software quality programmes.

Your benefits

  • Strong sector experience
    Your projects are delivered on time and in quality as we understand quality assurance in Retail Banking sector.
  • Local experts supported by an international network
    You will profit from an unrivalled consultant pool for quality assurance and testing services based on our in-country specialists who share expertise via an international knowledge base.
  • Flexible business models
    Combining onsite and specialist consultancy with managed services means transparent output based pricing with clear KPIs, automation and on- and offshore support for maximum efficiency and scalability. 
  • Cost reduction
    We enable clients to achieve lasting cost savings while systematically reducing expenditure.

Specialist consultants with experience in Retail Banking

SQS' expertise lies in providing independent testing and quality management services alongside the entire software development lifecycle. We provide specialist consultants with experience in instruments and applications, as well as skills in other technical testing disciplines that retail banks demand due to the complexity of their systems landscape.
Our services span the strategic definition of quality management in a retail bank to the cost-driven use of offshore testing centres for regression testing.

We offer management consultancy in retail banking IT delivery; this includes understanding client business processes in depth in order to develop strategic implementation of project management practices that foster transparency in the software development lifecycle.
Through senior testing consultancy, our experts assist in the delivery of large scale programmes and enable change by the implementation of effective test management tailored to the needs of our retail banking clients.

SQS offers Functional Testing at scale across multiple countries - setting up SLA based delivery centres in an on and offshore delivery model for comprehensive application portfolios in order to deliver cost effective services and to handle language and cultural issues.

Our test-environment and data management services help clients to set up and manage test environments and the delivery of the right test data.


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