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Smart Meters

Assuring and testing meters – from the manufacturer to the customer’s wall; in your organisation where does accountability lie?

Industry experience from Foundation is now up to 15 iterations of firmware which have been cut for each smart programme release, with every change needing testing.As we move closer to the target of 1,500 meters on the wall for large suppliers, confi dence in the testing and assurance of meter fi rmware is essential.

Ensuring your smart solution operates for go-live, and post go-live, will not be easy, and change will come from multiple directions; elective, mandated through regulation, and operational issues. End-to-End integration from back offi ce to the meter, via the DCC, is complex involving multiple interdependent parties.

Increasing this risk is:

  • Blurred lines of responsibility between supplier teams, device manufacturers and Meter Asset Providers.
  • Suppliers inheriting assets which have not been tested by them. Increasing the number of meter variants requiring support.
  • No one supplier will act like another.

SQS’ independence, test and assurance expertise can tie together the multi-party relations needed to help deliver your change successfully.

ALL change needs testing. We guard against nasty surprises, enabling you to deliver SMART with confi dence to your customers.

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