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At SQS, we have been helping telecommunications clients deliver successful projects for over 30 years. We have built our business by supporting the delivery of high quality software and systems quickly and efficiently. Our teams help clients to deliver new and emerging technologies such as 4G networks, mobile payments, near-field communications (NFC) and IPTV. Our clients often undertake major investments in software, process and hardware and work with SQS to mitigate the risk associated with delivering innovative and reliable new products, services and systems.

Your benefits

  • A full end-to-end telecoms testing capability
    Use our services from IMS testing including packet tracing to testing all customer channels, including IVR, for call centres and self-care solutions.
  • Strong sector experience
    Your projects are delivered on time and in quality as we understand quality assurance in Telecommunications sector.
  • Local experts supported by an international network
    You will profit from an unrivalled consultant pool for quality assurance and testing services based on our in-country specialists who share expertise via an international knowledge base.
  • Flexible business models
    Combining onsite and specialist consultancy with managed services means transparent output based pricing with clear KPIs, automation and on- and offshore support for maximum efficiency and scalability. 
  • Cost reduction
    We enable telecommunication clients to achieve lasting cost savings while systematically reducing expenditure.

Full spectrum of core Telecommunication applications

Our track record and domain knowledge in the telecommunications arena spans the full development lifecycle. From reducing post-deployment software defects by over 50% at a client to delivering a fully managed testing service, SQS consultants have the expertise and know-how to help you improve quality while delivering faster.

Whether you are changing mobile network operations, updating back-office mediation and billing systems or looking for a more efficient way of managing your software quality function, we have a range of services to help you deliver better quality software faster. Our experience covers everything from Provisioning to SelfCare, from Mediation to Bill Print, Data Content systems to full Online Portal testing and security, and all the Middleware in between. For functional testing, we employ the latest in testing techniques such as risk-based testing, model-based testing, automated test design, domain-based scenario suites, agile testing and dynamic test planning and scheduling.

We offer manual and automated regression testing to ensure that existing services are not negatively impacted when changes are introduced, new systems are integrated or new or updated software is deployed.

Our offshored testing services offer predefined, proven methods of knowledge transfer. Many telecommunications clients favour our managed services engagements which include output based pricing and flexible resourcing, either on-, near- or offshore.

SQS consultants bring specialist knowledge and testing expertise across the full spectrum of core Telecommunication applications to both emerging and legacy environments. We have tested most of the products and services provided by Telecoms on both Fixed Line and Mobile services and devices. This includes VOIP and other IMS based services utilising call and traffic generation and device certification.


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