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SQS Managed Services
Software testing is not part of the core expertise of company IT departments. At the same time, software quality is increasingly becoming a key factor when it comes to competitiveness in the marketplace. Reliable and flexible systems with low fixed costs have become an absolute “must”. For this reason, companies are increasingly outsourcing their basic testing activities to external providers in the form of managed services. SQS Managed Services provide customers with flexible, cost-effective and fast testing, so that they can meet the major challenges created by the ever-changing world of business and growing pressures, in terms of costs, time and quality.

Managed Services from SQS allow your company’s IT team to focus on services that bring real, extra added value to the business. Based on the industrialisation and increasing division of labour in IT, one of the key advantages of Managed Services is that they make software testing more efficient. Smart testing means conducting tests quickly, cost-effectively and without using lots of resources. This is precisely what Managed Services can offer. In addition, they lead to better quality software systems and create transparency. The result: Software development and testing can be managed flexibly, in order to achieve specific targets. The amount of time and money required for test projects can be calculated precisely in advance. This is because SQS Managed Services customers pay strictly according to output. Customers are guaranteed the agreed test results and quality standards for the same price and within the agreed deadline.

SQS provides most of its Managed Services from its delivery centres in Pune (India), Cairo, Görlitz (Germany), Durban (South Africa) and Belfast. These locations serve as “testing factories”. Thanks to this geographically and culturally diverse range of delivery centres, SQS can offer all major types of test outsourcing: from nearshore services at home or in a neighbouring country to offshore services further afield. As a result, each customer is able to create a tailor-made managed service solution to suit his needs. 

The diversity of the SQS delivery centres ensures that customers in the core SQS markets always have access to SQS employees who understand their customers’ cultures and have a perfect command of their languages. This seamless communication is absolutely crucial in the field of software testing, as most of the documents detailing requirements are written in the respective national language. Despite the linguistic and cultural proximity of the delivery centres, SQS Managed Services always make provision for the long-term deployment of consultants at the customer’s site. These consultants understand the highly specific nature of the customer’s corporate culture and act as the central interface between the two managed services partners.

The wide-ranging know-how acquired by SQS in the field of test methods and standards and many years of experience as a specialist in six core sectors (banking, business/logistics, insurance, energy, industrial production, telecommunications), mean that customers can benefit from bespoke delivery models. The latter reflect the specific characteristics of the particular company within its own sector. As the SQS service models are modular by design, customers never miss out on any of the efficiency benefits associated with managed services.

If a company does not yet have the processes and standards in place to use managed services, SQS can set them up in one step through its Specialist Consultancy Services. This includes, for example, software testing automation as a basic requirement for using managed services.

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