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Our Approach: PractiQ® – Best-in-Class-Services

PractiQ Methodology
With approximately 4,600 employees in 15 countries and over 30 years’ experience, we have established a wide variety of processes, templates and best practice examples for our cross-sectoral services. We market this valuable know-how under the SQS PractiQ® brand.

With our SQS PractiQ® brand, we have successfully developed a global corporate standard for all our SQS consultants: This standard is applied both by our new employees and experienced management staff. And ultimately, it is the customer who reaps the rewards: Every SQS team assigned to the customer’s site adopts the most efficient approach, because every team member follows the same standardised processes and templates – regardless of whether the consultants are from Germany, the UK, India or any other country. In addition, all SQS consultants are assisted by innovation groups. The latter are virtual organisational units made up of SQS experts, who are responsible for specific topics. As a result, our consultants have constant access to an unrivalled network of experts, wherever they are in the world, which allows them to obtain support for specific issues.

Thanks to SQS PractiQ®, our customers can be confident that we will always provide them with the best possible service – however challenging and complex their software project might be.

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