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Specialist Consultancy Services

SQS Specialist Consultancy Services
Software quality is not just about functional testing. It is often also a question of completing special tasks – whether this involves performance and security tests or specific test procedures in the SAP® environment. With its Specialist Consultancy Services, SQS not only has access to experienced experts who can address these specialist IT quality issues; it can also draw on the relevant standards and procedures. With their assistance, companies can quickly tap into the huge potential for long-term efficiency gains.

Functional software testing has become and will remain part of everyday business. Whenever new or upgraded systems are introduced, in order to provide additional support for the business, systematic checks are automatically conducted. However, one-off tasks also have to be completed, which are not covered by functional testing. These tasks relate to specific business processes, technologies or products (e.g. software test automation or specific software development processes associated with the manufacturing industry).

SQS can provide exactly the right professionals to deal with these special issues: As part of their Specialist Consultancy Services, they implement the required infrastructure and processes in consultation with the customer. This usually involves one-off tasks rather than long-term projects. The latter provide customers with the capabilities and process maturity that they need to respond quickly and flexibly in a competitive environment, without wasting resources.

SQS Specialist Consultancy Services often represent a decisive move towards managed services. This delivery model calls for standardised processes, such as a framework for software test automation. SQS Specialist Consultancy Services takes care of this initial preparatory work.

Specialist Consultancy Services primarily assist customers with the following tasks:

  • IT Program Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Automation of software testing 
  • Testing of SAP® systems
  • Load and performance tests
  • Security tests
  • Software tests in manufacturing industry (e.g. embedded systems)
  • Non-functional testing/technical software quality
  • Siemens PLM

In order to meet these challenges, SQS offers the appropriate specialist know-how in terms of procedures, technologies and tools. In addition, the extensive industrial expertise developed by SQS provides the key to success in fields such as industrial electronics. The consultants deployed by SQS Specialist Consultancy Services usually work at the customer’s site – whether this is a bank’s data processing centre or a vehicle manufacturer’s product line development department. As high-level experts, not only do they have many years of experience of developing projects, most of them also play an active role on expert committees, research and innovation groups, and are authors. As a result, customers can be confident that Specialist Consultancy Services will provide them with innovative state-of-the-art solutions.

IT departments and businesses stand to benefit from SQS Specialist Consultancy Services in many ways:

  • The business is becoming more competitive thanks to stronger specialist IT skills, which are critical for its success.
  • IT services are becoming more efficient.
  • IT processes are ready for further optimisation (e.g. in the form of managed services).
  • The specialist nature of the SQS experts results in an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
  • Exclusive use is made of state-of-the-art technologies and procedures that are innovative, as well as fully tried and tested.
  • Modular services and solutions enable us to create bespoke but lean solutions.
  • Our projects are associated with an extremely short learning curve.

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