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Application Portfolio Management – success through technical indicators

Application Portfolio Management
Application Portfolio Management enables indicator-based management of in-house application environments. It also helps as systems become ever more complex. With the aid of SQS Application Portfolio Management, you will once again be able to base the strategic management of your application portfolio on a solid factual foundation. We take a holistic view of all the relevant applications/requirements and use cutting-edge analytical processes to extract the appropriate indicators. 

Problems for IT Portfolio Management

For many companies, the complexity of application environments has become a real problem. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to make carefully considered investment decisions relating to individual applications or the environment as a whole. This great complexity results in gaps in knowledge, so that it frequently occurs that nothing is known about the status or quality of individual components. As a result, strategic decisions are often based on unreliable and incomplete information. There is an increased risk of misguided or at least inefficient investments. x

Application Portfolio Management with SQS

Every company can regain and retain control of the application environment. The approach taken by SQS is holistic and indicator-based. In this context, holistic means that all relevant components and requirements for the application environment are considered.

The components and requirements are fed into the model, which is then used to plan, implement and analyse steps, aimed at creating transparency, before storing them in the Information Warehouse. This makes it possible to review strategic decisions. Every single indicator is precisely defined, adjusted to the model and derived using state-of-the-art tools, such as code quality analyses or architecture evaluations.

An overview of our services:

  • One-off assessment of individual applications or whole application environments with regard to specific issues
  • Advice and support with the planning and implementation of Application Portfolio Management
  • Establishment of the necessary tool infrastructure
  • Continuous provision of an Application Portfolio Management Warehouse as a managed service
  • Definition of processes, information flows and how results are presented
  • Cost estimate for maintenance and development projects
  • Creation of a semi or fully-automated quality gate for the technical acceptance of software
Analysing the indicators helps you make the right decisions, at tactical and operational level, and increase your efficiency:
  • Effective selection of the verifiably correct application environment, in order to achieve your business objectives
  • Managing and optimising the application environment in preparation for future developments
  • Increased efficiency through monitoring and continuous improvement of the maintainability and reliability of software systems and development processes
  • Transparency over the status of the application environment by establishing indicator systems

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of SQS in the field of Application Portfolio Management.


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