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BAU Testing

BAU Testing
In the ever changing environment of banking and financial services, there are new demands that call for constant corrections or enhancements. It is important that the business activities do not suffer disruptions while these changes are being implemented. This can be achieved by employing SQS’s Business As Usual (BAU) testing services, which involves testing throughout bug corrections, parameter changes and minor enhancements to applications that do not require a separate release. The advantages of partnering with SQS are amongst others:

Identification of Bugs

Our dedicated domain-focused BAU test team checks for bugs in the application during the testing phase (Defect Fix Testing) or once the application has been released for production (Product Support Testing). The business can run as usual, even while minor corrections or enhancements/upgrades are being made to the applications.

Regression Suite

To ensure that none of the testing needs are left out, right at the onset our team prepares a regression suite to test the base functionality of the application. This regression suite is, in time, upgraded to align with the BAU changes. Wherever possible, the suite is automated with suitable regression automation tool-sets from vendors like HP Mercury and IBM Rational.

Our Assurance to Customers

SQS’s team tests applications using customer specific parameters to ensure that required issues/bugs are resolved. Any defects identified during the testing are raised to the development team for fixing. Defects that are re-tested and closed are moved to a defect repository for future use.

After all the required reviews are completed, the regression test pack is updated with the revised test-ware.

Our thorough approach ensures your applications are in safe hands.

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