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Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing
Compliance testing, though being part of the non-functional software testing, is basically an audit of a system carried out against a known criterion. This testing is executed to find the regulatory deviations of the company from the predefined standards. While performing this testing true care should be taken to observe any drawbacks in standards and necessary steps to improve the standards. Compliance related testing is conducted for banking, cards, payments and insurance.

Our Expertise

SQS’s compliance testing services include reviews of the organizational adherence to regulatory requirements and standards. It also involves identifying high risk areas and designing scenarios to ensure coverage of the rules by effectively mapping them to regulatory requirements.

SQS’s expertise in testing the implementation of the new regulatory compliance requirements introduced by various legal acts and regulatory bodies like FFEIC, FATCA, Dodd Frank, etc., has helped various financial institutions to achieve conformance to regulatory changes.

A combination of domain knowledge and testing expertise is critical to success in compliance related software testing mandates. Our track record includes validation of compliance requirements implementation and regulatory changes for reputable US Banks, a leading multinational bank in the Middle East and one of the largest banks in Europe.

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