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Data Migration Testing

Data Migration Testing
Data migration is the process of importing legacy data to a new system. This can involve entering the data manually, moving disk files from one folder (or computer) to another, database insert queries, developing custom software, or other methods. The specific method used for any particular system depends entirely on the systems involved and the nature and state of the data being migrated.

Our Expertise in Data Migration Testing

Data migration testing requires a very deep understanding of the application architecture, interface systems and the impact of business criticality. Only an organization which focuses on domain specialization like SQS can undertake performing testing on complex large data migration projects, acting as surrogate business users. Our end-to-end comprehensive services for such projects are comprised of:

  • Defining the requirements for data migration (including the data to be migrated, system and performance data).
  • Outlining detailed specifications including common business definitions, validations and business transformation rules. With our domain expertise, we strategize system, integration and user acceptance testing processes and change request management process.

Testing Process for Data Migration

Our data migration testing process includes:

Static Testing

Involves the identification of gaps between

  • Requirements versus high level designs/database design structure
  • High level designs and low level designs
  • The source and target mapping documents
  • Different aspects while setting up a test environment

Test Planning

Preparation of testware, simulation of data, data sampling, and preparation of SQL queries

End-to-end testing of migrated data

  • Testing of data from source and staging to target data population for verifying quality and quantity of data loaded
  • Performing full reconciliation of data source and target using our own tools

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