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SQS Insurance Consulting

Fast-growing and continuously-increasing customer requirements, together with ever-increasing competition, which is becoming more and more intense as a result of internationalisation, mean that innovative and efficiency-enhancing solutions for insurance companies are absolutely indispensable.

Our partners from the insurance world must therefore find new ways to adapt more quickly to national and international conditions – and this is where the proven IT solutions of SQS Insurance Consulting can provide effective and professional help. We are the IT specialists who primarily focus on the IT needs of insurance companies – and we concentrate on the challenges insurance companies have to face in their various business fields. These challenges include not only the actuarial requirements for the IT systems, but also the legal aspects that are subject to different rules from country to country. The changing economic conditions create different customer needs and these must also be met. To help customers with this balancing act, SQS Insurance Consulting staff provide advice for customers in accordance with the best practice method that has been verified through numerous projects and refined by years of experience.

Specialised consultants with experience and know-how in the insurance and IT worlds

SQS Insurance Consulting is the acknowledged specialist for IT business solutions and project management in the insurance sector within the SQS Group. Over the last 20 years of our history, many consultants have been involved in the implementation of IT projects for well-known customers – all over Europe. We have specialised in the financial services and insurance industry.

Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge and our software, which can be adapted to specific customer needs, SQS MC can also generate significant increases in efficiency and optimisation within the company’s internal systems.

We also provide customer support primarily in segments within the value chain where the IT interfaces can unleash their full potential to create considerable added value. Our consulting starts as early as the project design which precedes the actual IT project implementation; and SQS MC’s professional expertise and assistance is always available for any optimisation and customised extensions requested by the client, even after finalisation..

The benefit to you - Our range of services

Our services are performed to the highest quality standards and include:

  • Analysis and design of business processes
  • Requirements management
  • IT support for software implementation
  • Project management
  • Best Practice management procedures
  • Measures to control the quality of customer projects
  • Alignment of IT with strategic business requirements


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SQS Insurance Consulting

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