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Multi Channel Testing

Multi-Channel Testing
Banks and financial institutions are leveraging the immense power and reach of technology to offer their wide arrays of products and services online. Internet has become a favoured platform for reaching out to clients worldwide, and for conducting business effectively by overcoming the constraints of time and resources.

Web based applications are increasingly becoming more feature rich, important and also the most popular means for developing commercial systems. Most companies opt for developing web based software wherever possible. This helps in catering to large number of end users. Once the required infrastructure is in place, the deployment of the apps is fairly easy.

The channel based applications are powerful and have the ability to provide feature rich content to a wide audience spread across the globe at an economical cost.

Hence multi-channel applications are required to exhibit high performance levels, interactivity, security and speed. Interoperability of applications across various platforms, browsers, servers and languages is critical. Additionally, increased customer usage means that these applications have to adhere to usability and performance standards set by the bank. Rising instances of Internet fraud demand that these systems are made secure and are protected from unauthenticated/unauthorized users.

Challenges faced in Multi-Channel Testing

Testing web applications is different because of many factors and scenarios affecting the performance and user experience. Web applications can typically accommodate large and different audiences. Following are the challenges faced in testing multi-channel applications:
  • Synchronisation of test data across channels and back-end hosts in a test environment
  • Simulation of external/third party interface files/messages for bill payments, fund transfers, mobile payments and more
  • Identification of problems caused by the enmeshing of multiple applications / interfaces
  • Ensuring sufficient test coverage to provide a secured and safety reliable application to the end user should consider factors such as
    • Availability of numerous application usage paths
    • Different background and different technical skills of end users Internet versus Intranet based applications
    • Validation of tests across multiple browsers
    • Regulatory compliance and usability
    • Security measures
    • Firewall protection
  • Logistical complexity and high costs of testing multiple mobile models in different technology platforms and locations
  • Security and encryption challenges
At SQS, we have extensive experience in successfully testing web based applications including Arimor SSl, Collateral Monitoring System, Indus Collection System and e-Orion releases across domains such as private banking, credit cards, investment banking, retail banking, core banking, lending systems and corporate banking. x

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