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Process Quality – Careful management of IT services and processes

Process Quality
Demands on the performance and flexibility of IT systems are increasing all the time. In order to meet these expectations, the process quality must be right. Harmonised processes across all stakeholders guarantee that all technical challenges will be achieved. Process Intelligence services from SQS provide you with professional support in this field. We can help you implement company-specific processes within a suitable framework and based on your objectives. With the help of our experienced process consultants, you can improve your company’s process maturity and improve the performance of your IT, by adopting a pragmatic and decisive approach. Based on standardised processes, such as the SQS Health Check, the CMMI®, SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504), AutomotiveSPICE®, TestSPICE® and the ITIL (ISO 20000)

Problem-free IT Service Management

Reconfiguring or modifying existing IT processes is similar to a market launch: only when the product or process quality is right and IT Service Management (ITSM) is running smoothly can we really speak in terms of market or process maturity. It sounds simple, but it takes systematic planning and coordination. With our Process Intelligence services, we can support you with this task and help improve your company’s performance and process maturity. x

CMMI®, SPICE, ITIL – process maturity with SQS

We begin by analysing the current status of your IT systems, according to the information that you provide. This may simply consist of an initial overview – the so-called Health Check – or it may involve specific methods, such as CMMI®, SPICE, AutomotiveSPICE® or TestSPICE®. If necessary, we may also analyse your operations, based on the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and work with you on measures aimed at improving your IT systems. We always focus on ensuring that these steps are fully in line with your corporate strategy.

Our consultants then help you implement the planned measures, in order to ensure process maturity and therefore also the long-term success of your corporate IT systems. Our promise to you: we guarantee successful implementation.

But how do you know whether the measures have been effective? It must be possible to display the results in a transparent way and tailor them precisely to the specific information required. To this end, SQS analyses your management requirements with you. The results help us implement a dashboard, based on defined metrics, which measures effectiveness on a continuous basis.

If you are considering outsourcing your testing, SQS is also an expert partner in this field. Our made-to-measure Health Check Managed Testing provides you with detailed information, which will help you decide whether outsourcing is worth your while and whether other preparations are necessary. This definition of the current status of your testing processes is essential if you are to outsource successfully and minimise the risks.

The performance of assessments and support for improvement measures are based on our many years of in-depth industry experience. From the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors to banking, finance, insurance, armaments, telecommunications, retail and logistics – our expertise will ensure that we correctly assess the current status of your IT system and the results are accepted by your company.

Our process consultants are also accredited by renowned institutions, such as the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), INTACS and VDA.

Make the most of all these benefits:
  • Solution-oriented: Systematic IT analysis based on established methods and your corporate goals.
  • Cooperation: Supporting improvement measures, in partnership with you, which are guaranteed to be successful 
  • IT service: SQS makes your IT system secure and fit for the future.
  • Process quality: Minimising risks when assigning tests.
  • Training: Employee training, SPICE, TestSPICE® or AutomotiveSPICE® assessor training. Plus comprehensive CMMI® training.
  • Expertise: Exceptional market and industry knowledge

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of SQS in the field of Process Quality.


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