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Quality Management – making quality possible

Quality Management
Quality Management is a core element of corporate management. Planned, managed and demand-driven quality development in your company is a foundation for commercial success. SQS is your Quality Management expert at corporate, portfolio, programme and project level. In order to ensure that you achieve all your goals, Quality Management extends across all processes throughout the lifecycle of your project – from requirements definition to operation. SQS uses concrete qualitative standards and appropriate management reports and indicators. Quality Management is an integral part of corporate management.

Setting up and running Quality Management systems with SQS

Quality Management has served its purpose, if it provides appropriate quality assurance tools, in order to effectively reduce risks at all levels. In this context, important aspects include the rules and regulations of the marketplace and being able to provide the required evidence. With over 30 years’ experience in this field, SQS is certainly in a position to advise you. We will define your processes, quality standards and methods, according to your needs, ensure eligibility for certification (e.g. ISO 9001:2008) and make sure you have your employees on board. SQS will develop a management system, which forms a basis for the planned quality standards and is also sufficiently flexible, so that your employees can continue to improve it in a systematic way. Our experience extends to all aspects of development and operation – particularly when it comes to the use of agile development processes, integration, management and cooperation with external partners within various sourcing strategies. x

Quality Management in the development lifecycle

Our aim is to establish and integrate quality into the development lifecycle in an effective and efficient way. SQS believes that Quality Management extends beyond the basic role of a formal supervisory body and that it is an integral part of the development process. Our experts guarantee production and quality standards, in partnership with external IT services, in order to provide an end-to-end service. x
Testing guarantees the product quality standards by reducing product risks. But Quality Assurance costs time and money. SQS therefore optimises the interfaces between the stakeholders, enables you to adopt a structured approach, even while everyone is busy with acceptance testing, and provides industry standard testing by developing standardised services, which are provided as part of the SQS Quality Service Factory. x
  • Rapid analysis (SQS Health Check) of your Quality Management system, in order to identify any weaknesses and optimisation potentials
  • Seamless integration of quality into the development process, particularly when using agile development methods
  • Setting up and operation of an SQS Quality Service Factory
  • Preparation and implementation of certification processes for the ISO 15504 (SPICE), AutomotiveSPICE and CMMi standards 
  •  Preparatory and ongoing audit tasks
  • Training for all Quality Management employees provided by the SQS Academy
  • Establishment of appropriate indicators and integration into your company’s management structures
  • Ensuring that your Quality Management system is eligible for certification, in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 20000

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of SQS in the field of Quality Management.


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