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Risk Management – reduce risks, produce quality

The more complex an IT system, the more error-prone it will be. The current trend towards more complex system configurations, increasing time pressure and potential shortage of resources makes the risk even greater. At the same time, more and more business-critical processes are based on sophisticated software applications. System errors cost time, money and reputation. This places increasing demands on IT Risk Management within companies. Our Risk Management experts will help you reduce product, project and process risks. Process Intelligence (PI) services from SQS will help you meet your company’s specific needs. Our SQS experts are able to manage risks systematically and promptly. Our goal is your success: an efficient and effective testing process.

Risk Management starts with risk analysis

The first step towards guaranteeing software quality is to analyse your management, development and testing processes. Our Risk Management experts assess your current situation, before defining the associated risks. This is followed by a joint risk assessment and systematic prioritisation of the identified risks. This risk assessment is necessary, as a basis for Business Continuity Management and will enable you to manage the quality of your system in the longer term. x

Success with effective Risk Management processes

Based on the results of the risk analysis, our Risk Management experts work with you to plan the necessary steps. This includes working with the ‘risk equation’ and comparing the investments, which are required to implement these steps, with the risk assessment. The aim is to establish an efficient level of system quality and security. The planning and management of the necessary steps are based on a systematic approach to continuous risk monitoring. x
You may be wondering whether your testing process adequately reflects the goals of your IT department. Our experts will support you, by providing suitable methods of reviewing the current situation – which might include a ‘Health Check’, aimed at assessing risks, or an in-depth risk analysis, possibly using our PI service TestSPICE®. Our experts will also meet with you, in order to clarify your needs, in terms of analysing issues, such as test management, analysis and automation. x
At the end of the analysis, you will receive a report setting out strengths and possible weaknesses. This report will examine the core areas of testing and interfaces with other development steps, such as Requirements Management. Our approach is holistic and based on the SQS PractiQ® methodology, which means that our SQS consultants constantly share know-how across international networks. x
We have over 30 years’ experience in the field of Risk Management and can help you analyse, prioritise and reduce high-risk areas. Our services include:
  • Systematic identification of risks based on our risk catalogue
  • Establishment of a company-specific risk strategy
  • Implementation of steps aimed at reducing risks
  • Seamless integration of the risk strategy into your development process (particularly when using agile development methods)
  • Establishment of suitable indicators and integration into your company’s management structures

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of SQS in the field of Risk Management.


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