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Test Data Management – solutions for greater security and cost-effectiveness

Successful test data management is not simply a matter of providing test data, in the technical sense. Companies need an overall concept that also covers data security, test data maintenance and IT compliance. As a specialist in this field, SQS has over 30 years’ experience of the confidential test data management. Our modular process model covers the growing requirements, such as data protection and financial regulations. By using PractiQ®, we also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your tests.

Test data analysis and data protection

When introducing a successful test data management process, several aspects have to be considered:
  • The client’s test environment
  • Data protection regulations and financial legislation
  • Maintenance and support

Testing infrastructure and external factors force companies to strike a balance between what is feasible and what is required. The latest data protection regulations pose an additional challenge. The SQS experts will examine your existing processes and subject your systems to an in-depth analysis. Pressure on time and costs demand efficient software testing. The more precisely test data can be managed and provided, the more efficiently the day-to-day testing tasks can be completed.

SQS Test Data Management solutions offer you:

  • Access to the right test data, when you need it
  • Data security and compliance with data protection regulations
  • Cost savings
  • Short time to market 
  • Overall speed and efficiency gains within your testing  processes
Our PractiQ Test Data Management modules enable us to design and implement more effective, efficient and compliant solutions:
  • Smaller test data sets 
  • Test data provided according to needs
  • Test data on demand
  • Automated test data
  • Repeatable tests with data sets that can be reset
  • IT compliance and conformity with data protection regulations

From the initial survey to full implementation, our consultants will help you introduce and improve test data management processes, generate test data and eliminate problems. The SQS specialists also provide training and workshops in test data management as part of the SQS Academy.

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of SQS in the field of Test Data Management.


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