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Test Environment Management – successfully managing test environments

The increasing complexity of IT systems also places greater demands when it comes to software quality and test environments. At the same time, software tests often fail because of deficient test environments, poor organisation or lack of planning. Unclear requirements in terms of test environment management and configuration, combined with the failure to adhere to processes during the test phase, cause a large number of avoidable errors. Our consultants will help you set up test environments throughout the testing stages and provide you with processes, so that you can maintain and operate them. Along with the technical disciplines that contribute to test environment management, the organisational structure, supplier management and many ITIL disciplines also need to be coordinated.

Long-term test environment management – with SQS

Successful test environment management is no easy task. Apart from unclear requirements and failure to adhere to processes, insufficient analysis of dependencies between the test environment and test data can also lead to problems. Frequently, interfaces between the systems within a test environment are not identified or simply neglected, so that test data may be unusable. The late provision of systems and delays affecting the setting up and operation of test environments are other reasons why some projects are delayed or cancelled – leading to major additional costs. Our experienced experts know the risks and pitfalls – and will provide you with reliable support, while you set up an organised and long-term test environment management process. You will then be in a position to model even the most complex IT environments. x

Server and service virtualisation provide flexibility and reduce costs

Our consultants will apply their extensive experience in this field, in order to ensure seamless interaction between test data and test environment. By virtualising servers and services, we can also provide test environments automatically. In turn, service virtualisation processes make it possible to test software, even if specific peripheral systems or services are not yet available. Rounded off with specifically targeted IT Asset Management, which makes it possible to use hardware and software efficiently, our clients can make savings in the field of test environments and therefore throughout the testing process. x
From the initial survey to full implementation, our consultants will help you introduce test environments. Of course, we will also be happy to help you eliminate problems in existing test environments. By acquiring in-depth knowledge – including training from the SQS Academy – your organisation will be able to run a successful test environment management process.

Thanks to the tried and tested SQS PractiQ methodology, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Reliable planning: Controlled Test Environment Management rollout processes
  • Savings: Reduced time and costs
  • Know-how: Extensive experience of the interaction between the test environment and test data
  • Efficiency: Automatic provision of test environments using virtualisation
  • Transparency: Efficient use of hardware and software with IT Asset Management
  • Sustainability: Your own staff trained by certified SQS trainers trainers

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of SQS in the field of Test Environment Management.


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