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HP Enterprise Software – Application Lifecycle Management

HP Application Lifecycle Management
In a competitive world where innovation and time to market is the key to the success of an organisation, SQS can support companies in provisioning, configuring, customising, supporting and using all products from HP’s ALM suite. The need for specialists to either manage or support these products to get it right first time, rather than through a trial and error process, is imperative. HP is at the forefront of innovative technologies within the Application Lifecycle Management arena. Implementing these technologies requires the right people to manage the process change and SQS has proven expertise in applying ALM for Software Quality Assurance.

Your benefits

  • Take advantage of customisation in ALM/Quality Center
    Implement the correct processes which maximise the features of the product.
  • Accelerate requirements and test specification
    Import business flows and reuse associated test cases in Business Process Testing.
  • Low entry level to meaningful test automation
    Quickly automate regression test cases with little development knowledge and extend it to manual testers in Unified Functional Testing.
  • Right process fit
    Ensuring that the correct processes are being implemented with the ALM toolset.
  • Increase visibility
    Ensuring that everyone has clear visibility about all aspects of the test process.

Global knowledge base of expertise

The key to maximising throughput, is being able to manage the process and using tools to aid this efficiently and intelligently. With a collective global knowledge base of expertise within every mentionable industry, we are able to leverage the lessons learned from past experiences.

Facing challenges in defining the right requirements, failing manual or automated test processes, reproducing bugs, managing environments and application deployment, weak performing applications, failing operational procedures, SQS can help.

As a HP Enterprise Software Preferred Partner, we are uniquely placed to allow you to streamline your application development. We are well positioned to provide hands-on on-site training to your staff, streamlining the process implementation from requirements specification, test management, eventually to peace of mind production deployment. Our diverse technology experiences will provide the best blend of technologies, which can complement and/or integrate to the HP platform.

Completed engagements at clients

  • Evaluating current tools against the HP tools
  • Integration between other third party vendors and ALM/Quality Center
  • Planning, installation and configuration of ALM/Quality Center
  • Providing end-user and administrator trainings of ALM/Quality Center, QuickTestPro and LoadRunner
  • Design and implementation of custom guidelines for use of ALM/Quality Center and QuickTestPro
  • Automation of functional tests using QuickTestPro
  • Planning, preparation and execution of performance tests using LoadRunner
  • In-depth analysis of performance-related defects using Diagnostics 
  • Process improvements which are contrary to their current knowledge to yield higher throughput

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