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Software Quality Specialists & Business Process Assurance For Digital Transformation

We Are the Leading Quality Specialist for Digital Business

Digital change is inevitable, whether it is driven by you, your customers, the competition or regulation. Using continuous quality our end-to-end approach accelerates change, giving businesses agility to deliver faster, better, cheaper outcomes with greater certainty.

As your trusted advisor, independent of system integrators and technology providers, SQS is entirely focused on helping you manage business and technology risks to achieve fit-for-purpose business outcomes. Quality is in our DNA.

SQS is the strategic quality partner for digital business 

Accelerating the Pace of Operational Change and Digitally Driven Transformation

We understand your challenges of:

  • Delivering better cost efficiency in technology-led transformations
  • Identifying and mitigating business risk in IT-led change
  • Demonstrating timely regulatory compliance
  • Driving digitalisation and innovation
  • Increasing stakeholder buy-in and smoothing the transformation journey

Over the last 30 years, we have seen companies struggle to achieve these, so we are perfectly placed to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls and ultimately deliver faster.

Strategic Leadership Coupled with Deep Industry and Technology Knowledge

Our organisation is split into industry-focused segments, allowing us to specialise on the regulations and market forces specific to each industry. Our solutions are built on industry specific technology and process knowledge, IP and assets. This, coupled with our independent stance, provides the objectivity and experience that enables our clients to develop, transform and grow their businesses with confidence.

SQS is the Leading Independent Quality Partner for Your Digital Change Demands

We work in partnership with our clients in three main areas: digital change management consultancy, quality management and technical software testing.

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