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When Heinz Bons and Rudolf van Megen founded SQS in Cologne in 1982, they had little idea how rapidly their company would grow within the following years. From the very beginning they were convinced of the success of their idea, which was to sustainably optimise their customers’ business through high software quality.

Over the years, SQS has become the leading strategic quality partner for digital business. Building on its strength as the largest independent quality assurance specialist, SQS is now entirely focused on helping organisations manage their business and technology risk to achieve fit-for purpose business outcomes.

Many services and products have been introduced over time, including: automation platforms, AI platforms, agile and devops consultancy, quality governance frameworks, managed services, training and, most recently, business agility and management consultancy services. 

Clients choose us for our industry specific experience and technology IP, and regularly work with clients from across the globe on large transformation projects. 

However, our core purpose remains remarkably constant: to transform the world through quality assurance.

History: Our First 40 Years

Through acquisitions and global growth, we have developed into a truly global company:


Foundation of SQS Gesellschaft für Software-Qualitätssicherung GmbH in Cologne by Rudolf van Megen and Heinz Bons.


First test tool developed.


Active member of the BOOTSTRAP Institute. Conference and training business started.


Acquisition of DTK in Germany.


First international joint venture in Spain.


Transformation into a stock corporation (AG). Opening of SQS Austria.


Acquisition of AQSoft and AQPro in the Netherlands. Acquisition of SIM Group in the UK. René Gawron is appointed to the board as CFO.


Joint venture in Portugal established. Opening of SQS Switzerland.


Transferred remaining BOOTSTRAP Institute to ISQI.


Opening of SQS South Africa.


IPO on Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London.


Acquisition of Cresta in the UK.


Acquisition of Triton Unternehmensberatung GmbH in Germany and Austria.


Opening of SQS Egypt. Acquisition of Validate in Sweden and VeriSoft in India. Awarded AIM International Company of the Year.


International Roll out of Managed Testing Services.


SQS Delivery methodology rebranded and re-launched as SQS PractiQ®.


Focus on expanding the US business. Opening of new office location in France. Dik Vos appointed as COO.


Rudolf van Megen steps down as CEO after 30 years in SQS. Dik Vos is his successor.


Acquisition of Thinksoft Global Services Ltd in India.  Ralph Gillessen (CMO) appointed to the board.


SQS obtains group wide ISO9001 certification. Awarded AIM International Company of the Year.


Acquisition of Bit Media S.p.A in Italy. Acquisition of Trissential LLC and Galmont Consulting LLC in the US. 
Ralph Gillessen appointed as COO.


Martin Hodgson appointed to the board as Executive Director Management Consulting.


Acquisition of Double Consulting S.r.l, Italy,  a leading management consultancy business


SQS acquired by Assystem Technologies for £281.3 million, a leading international engineering organisation, headquartered in France.


Acquisition of Moorhouse Consulting, UK, a leading management consultancy business

SQS is a leading quality assurance specialist providing expert guidance in quality improvement strategies that deliver exceptional business results.

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