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In a digitally focused world, everything you do is highly visible, readily available and increasingly personalised. Simultaneously, there is a constant pressure from all company stakeholders to deliver faster, better and with increased profits. Yet, in today’s fast-paced world, reputations can be gained or lost just as quickly.

The Quality of Digital Business will be Defined by an Organisation’s Ability to Continuously Address Customer Needs

We understand market drivers and the pressures faced by companies today and the technological impact required to keep pace with this accelerated change. As the world’s leading independent strategic quality partner, SQS provides quality management and business process assurance advice, guidance, innovation, strategic direction and managed delivery of software testing and quality assurance services. 

Our consulting team are able to identify the technological challenges and provide your business with a comprehensive and tailored solution for end-to-end software testing and business process quality assurance.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Launching software or implementing a system upgrade on time, to specification and defect-free is a more critical process than ever in today’s competitive company landscape. Software and system testing at every stage from planning to production is how you discover where you need to focus. But testing alone does not improve quality assurance. To do that you must build your entire business – process by process – with quality assurance at the core.

What Does a Quality-Led Company Look Like?

With a robust quality assurance strategy, you will have visibility of your business performance at any time. Issues are flagged early, before they become problems. The responsibility for quality is shared across the entire product lifecycle, instead of any single activity. i.e. product launch. This methodology supports innovation and agile developments; when you receive immediate feedback on your changes, you can explore new ideas.

Global Organisation: Single Methodology

We help businesses struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change or who find they are being left behind by their nimbler competitors. We are experts in accelerating the pace of change in those companies, providing a safety net of quality expertise.

We work across many industries and our expertise runs deep, with our industry quality assurance specialists working in leading organisations within each sector. The commonality across our consultancy is our vision, our ethos and our single methodology.

We call that methodology PractiQ®.

PractiQ® is our own quality manual. It is the culmination of over 30 years of direct experience of best practice service delivery. Every single SQS employee uses this standard in their work, which means that wherever you are in the world, your SQS consultant will be using the same standardised procedures and templates as their global colleagues. This is how we can be sure that our methodology works, that it is possible to achieve fast transformational change AND mitigate risk to your business.

If you need to shorten your time to market AND improve your software, start with quality.

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