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Role-based Modules

“A team is a mix of different personality profiles and different skills. The composition of the team is a critical success factor for any project.”

Attending a certification workshop forms a very good basis for day-to-day work in the projects and in the organisation. Some standards offer role-specific training. However, these standards and their training courses only cover some of the organisation- and project-specific roles. Consequently, companies use different standards and different courses which do not match up at the detail level. So gaps and discrepancies can arise in the working processes because of differing know-how and the deployment of different methods, techniques and standards. Then they may have problems with communication, quality losses in the deliverables and untidy phase sign-offs.

SQS has addressed these problems, combined its experience and best practice from decades of project work and drawn up a synchronized and coordinated training concept for the 12 key roles. These 12 roles are:

  • Quality Manager
  • Test Programme Manager
  • Test Manager
  • Requirements Engineer
  • Developer
  • Functional Tester
  • Agile Tester
  • User Acceptance Tester
  • Test Automation Specialist
  • Performance Specialist
  • Environments & Data Specialist
  • Security Specialist

Each of these courses, based on the roles listed above, can be run at three different levels of intensity:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Top-up

If you want to know more about these roles or the training, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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