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The pace of IT Change is accelerating – Agile provides companies with the ability to enact change quickly.

Benefits of SQS Agile Services

  • Gain a competitive advantage by launching business-ready software quickly with our rapid development Agile services. SQS is focussed on helping business owners and developers deliver software, on-time and free of errors.
  • Drive productivity and efficiency throughout the SDLC by working with specialist Agile consultants. Our consultants are highly motivated experts in Six Sigma, coaching and automation. With efficiency as the primary goal, you will be able to deliver excellent software faster and thus reduce the cost to your business.
  • Ensure successful internal deployments by working with SQS Agile consultants. Our 30 year legacy of transformation projects provide you with the technical excellence and focus on quality you need to deliver software that works.
  • Help assure your software quality with SQS Agile Services. SQS has Quality in our name and in everything we do. As the world´s largest independent software quality assurance company we are acknowledged as the leading company for quality. 

By combining a dedicated focus on client success and the skillsets needed to deliver that success, SQS Agile delivers results.

Our Agile Services

Each of our Agile Services are designed to be standalone, thus enabling you to benefit from accelerators specific to a point in your Agile journey.

Or, maximise the advantages of interlocking the various services for a more comprehensive engagement.

  1. You may begin the journey with an Agile Capability Assessment to determine the As-Is and agree to the To-Be. This new state may not be too far from your organisation’s existing set-up, or it may involve the creation of a new DevOps function or the shaping of closer interworking between Business and IT
  2. Our Agile Transition Strategy will then chart that course, described as a Backlog which you own, prioritise and control
  3. We can then help you implement that agreed Change Programme, thereby Improving Agile Effectiveness
  4. It is likely, though, that process change will also require an infrastructure change. If so, our Agile Tooling Service will help you select the most appropriate solution, specific to the needs of your organisation
  5. If you need help with improved Sprint Velocity, then our Agile Delivery Service is tailored to augment your existing Agile Teams
  6. And, if your people need on-site or off-site tuition, which may also improve Velocity, then we offer Agile Training  

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