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Every industry today has a set of compliance regulations that businesses need to meet to operate successfully in their market. Clearly, the more sensitive data organisations hold on individuals, the more legislation is needed to protect that data.

However, remaining both business and regulatory compliant during change is a challenge for many organisations – whether that change is from a digital transformation of your own volition, or imposed via a regulatory body. In practice, the issue is twofold: you have to ensure you remain compliant and you need to demonstrate compliance to anyone who needs to know. This could be by providing evidence to a regulatory body on a regular basis, ensuring records are kept in the correct way should you be audited, or allowing access to the individual on which the records are kept. 

At SQS we can help guide you to ensure you are fulfilling your business and regulatory compliance obligations and ensure your information is kept in the most efficient and secure way possible.

The Importance of Industry Focus

As an organisation we segment our business services into industry-specific verticals. This allows each individual sector to become truly expert in each industry and stay on top of changing regulations within that industry. Even within these verticals we allocate specific, experienced resources to each area. For example, within our Energy and Utilities sector we have teams supporting the water industry, the energy trading sector and energy providers.

We are also independent – there is no agenda to sell a system or adopt a given practice. Our only agenda is quality, and ensuring business compliance is top of the list for any client we work with. This means that when you engage SQS to work with you, we bring market expertise and regulatory compliance know-how to your business. You don’t have to educate us on your regulatory requirements of your market – it’s more likely to be the other way round.

If your industry has a specific regulation to meet, it’s highly likely we have the expertise to show you what you need to do. This includes the highly regulated financial markets, including capital markets and insurance as well as online gaming, utilities and manufacturing.

How Compliant are you?

We can ensure that any software or application launch or upgrade is compliant for your industry – and if your industry is one of the many that seems to be constantly changing its regulatory requirements, we can help you fulfil your new obligations today, and ensure you are resilient to further changes in the future.

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