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A major part of our focused induction programme for new recruits is the ‘Training Bootcamp’. The bootcamp is designed to give you focused, clear and distraction-free training, assessment and an introduction to the working practices of SQS.

You will learn in a classroom and workshop environment and will be tested on the theoretical and practical aspects of the material.

“Very rewarding three weeks in Durban. The trainers are excellent and the course is very informative. I made so many new friends and I really enjoyed experiencing the South African culture. The course was the perfect starting point to consulting life with SQS.”



There is continual assessment based on individual and group testing scenarios. One-to-one feedback is given at the end of each week. The idea is to help you become aware of your own strengths and areas for improvement, as well as check your understanding of what’s required of you with respect to:

  • Conduct within the workplace
  • Customer interactions
  • Contribution to SQS
  • Technical aptitude

You will be required to meet set standards to be able to complete the course.

“It’s an intense course, but you learn so much that the three weeks fly by. You come out really feeling prepared to start a career in testing.”

Samantha Driscoll, UK.

Socialising and Team Building

Team building is an important part of the course, with many activities planned to help you enjoy and get the most out of your time with us. Depending on the location of your program, activities such as a sight-seeing trips, team dinners and group outings are planned to allow you to build friendships with your new colleagues and unwind from a challenging, but exciting, bootcamp.

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