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Make a Difference from Day One

As a new starter at SQS, you’ll be supported within a dedicated programme that gives priority to your training, support and development. The programme runs for at least one year, depending on your location. However, this does not mean that you are sidelined – you are considered part of our team from day one and your opinions and ideas are all always encouraged.

Global Digital Excellence

Our clients need to differentiate themselves from the competition. You help them achieve this by bringing quality, excellence and a right first time mentality to their innovation projects. Working as part of a global digital team, you help clients bring quality to the heart of their business, ensuring their products hit the market on time and error free.

Our clients are leading global brands across all industries, from car manufacturers, global transport companies, energy providers, retailers and financial institutions.

Your Career: Your Path

Our focus is on fostering long-term relationships over short-term wins, and this approach applies to our recruitment process as well as our relationships with our clients.

Therefore, we provide a variety of well-supported, clear-cut career pathways in the quality assurance arena. From management consultancy to developing an agile testing framework, you’ll be sure to find an area where your skills can have a real impact.

If you can take responsibility, foster positive relationships, and can genuinely put the client first – you’ll soon be making a difference in your career at SQS. 

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