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If you feel you’ve outgrown your existing position, SQS could be the step up you need at this stage in your career.

Our ethos is on making a real difference to the market-leading clients with whom we work, and we rely on our global team of enthusiastic, proactive and dedicated consultants to deliver. Our approach is to put quality first in everything we do, and it’s an approach that has established us as the world’s leading global independent quality assurance company. As such we recognise, reward and promote individuals who share that ethos, and who are prepared to take the initiative and act to make a real impact in the successful development of tomorrow’s technology.

"The in-house SQS Academy ensures training is readily available for me, promoting continuous development across technology, methodology and soft skills. With SQS, I feel you very much get out what you put in."

Business Consultant

Joining SQS

Stand up and be counted as part of a global team responsible for bringing quality to the world’s most innovative projects.

Where to Specialise

Select from one of three clearly defined business areas in which you can further your career.

How to Apply

Follow these simple steps to compete the application process.

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