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Our Management Consultancy Services are employed when our clients are facing strategic and far-reaching programmes of digital change. Our laser focus on quality means they rely on our leadership to scope, plan, manage and execute those change programmes with minimum risk.

"SQS has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual whilst also furthering my career. The best thing about SQS for me is definitely the people, every day I get to work with like-minded colleagues who also come to work really wanting to make a difference."

Business Analyst

Major technological transformation and change programmes can be costly and high risk, potentially damaging a business. As an SQS management consultant, you will bring experience to the entire change project; from establishing the initial programme strategy to final testing and go-live.

We are looking for programme managers, project managers, agile coaches, scrum masters and business analysts. If you fit this profile and or have transferable skills make that move and join this growing practice today.

What our Clients Say

In the current digital climate, our clients are working to differentiate their technological offerings, and this is exactly where we help.

For example, at a leading global insurance firm, our involvement improved delivery performance by 50% and at one Europe’s largest airlines, we supported a digital acceleration and innovation project that helped to double the number of downloads of their check-in app.

We are proud to say that our clients regularly report on the superior quality of SQS consultants. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why our customers choose us.

What we’re Looking for

If you have previous management and business consultancy experience, then that’s a good start. But, crucially, we need consultants who are driven by a desire to see a project through to a successful completion. If you hate to make compromises on fit-for-purpose quality and take the outcomes of your clients’ projects personally, then you are exactly what we need on our consultancy team.

We are a growing consultancy practice and have an immediate need for management consultants who are keen to make a difference and bring a genuine, positive approach to the clients with which they work. With a structured career development pathway and dedicated training, you can accelerate your management consultancy career at SQS.

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