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Quality Assurance involves the systematic measurement and monitoring of processes to avoid problems when delivering services to clients. Key to SQS’ approach in quality assurance is defect prevention rather than defect detection, and you’ll be instrumental in setting up quality assurance frameworks to make sure quality is built-in during software development.

As a quality assurance consultant, you’ll be able to bring your industry and project-specific expertise and knowledge to our clients. You’ll have to plan and prepare quality assurance projects, then manage and measure the outcomes of those projects. You will spend a lot of your time problem solving and using your unique insight in preventing issues further down the development path. You are likely to be setting up and overseeing various types of testing and defect management.

"I have participated in lots of the team and charity activities such as the marathon, blood donation, tree planting and lots of other fun activities. It’s still early days for me in SQS but it’s quite a memorable one."


What We’re Looking for

Our ethos is that quality assurance and testing should be planned in right from the design stage of a project. Therefore, we’re looking for quality assurance consultants who have a passion for establishing and guaranteeing quality during the entire software development lifecycle.

You will need to be able to take the initiative, using logic and different methods to solve convoluted problems. Our projects are involved and complex, often breaking new technological ground, so you’ll have to look beyond the obvious, taking into consideration the wider operational environment, even if that’s unfamiliar to you at first.

You’ll also need to be able to accurately scope out the length and difficulty of projects, and set reasonable, but challenging, goals for others within your team.

We are seeking talented quality assurance consultants with a proven track record in solution delivery. As a member of a highly collaborative, dynamic test team, you may be asked to provide mentoring, leadership and direction to other team members, as well as ensuring the quality of the team’s output is of a consistently high standard. If you’re looking to work on technically challenging and varied projects, we encourage you to get in touch.

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