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Our quality engineering suite of services provide our clients with the capability and process agility they need to respond quickly and flexibly in a competitive environment. We help our clients understand and create a developmental framework that suits their business and what they’re trying to achieve. We introduce automation and agile methodology where appropriate, and take the lead on ensuring performance, security and data quality.

As an SQS quality engineering consultant, you will have responsibility for developing process methods that are centred around quality and defect prevention.

For example, you may need to take the lead in creating a true Dev Ops environment with testing automation built in. You could well have to educate clients on the basics of Agile, and show them how to implement this type of methodology in their processes. You’ll have to work in partnership with the client, but also make an independent, expert assessment of the conformity of any activity within the project. You’ll have to apply analytical methods to find the best solution or environment within any phase of a development cycle.

What We’re Looking for

We need quality engineering analysts and consultants who are excited about bringing a quality methodology and framework to our clients’ businesses. You’ll need to be an advocate for quality and ‘doing things right’ on behalf of SQS within our clients’ premises. However, on the other hand, you’ll also not be afraid of setting up a testing environment that allows developers to ‘fail fast and safe’.

You’ll need to be able to analyse all the relevant information, bring your own expertise, and make good decisions for the benefit of project delivery. A pedantic ‘attention to detail’ and accuracy is essential, as is a systematic approach to working.

"If someone who is either experienced in the IT industry or a graduate with an interest in IT, has a logical way of thinking, likes to be challenged, meet new people, develop and progress then SQS is the perfect company to join in order to achieve this."

Technical Engineer

You’ll also be the kind of person who keeps up to speed about cutting-edge technology and methodology in your area of expertise.

We are constantly seeking talented quality engineers to work on our clients’ software development and innovation projects. If you’re the kind of person who’s happy bringing a focus on quality and a proven methodology to the most advanced digital disruption projects across the globe, get in touch.

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