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Drivers and passengers increasingly expect access to connected services in their vehicles. The growing consumer desire for connected cars has led to a paradigm shift in demand expectation and connectivity is no longer a feature reserved for the luxury end of the market. 

The proliferation of vehicle connectivity will be led by improvements in the major functional areas of telematics, automated driving, infotainment and mobility services. Building these sophisticated computers on wheels brings significant challenges for automakers, particularly the importance of implementing more stringent quality measures to eliminate avoidable errors throughout the manufacturing process, as well as the potential for irreparable brand damage.

Due to increases in government regulations and the high cost of non-compliance penalties, quality standards become all the more important. Regulation can be both a serious barrier as well as a driver for the uptake of innovative technologies.

Clients who focus on quality can deliver innovation and new products to the market faster and more securely.

Just some of the projects we have worked on include:

Connected Car Software Testing

SQS: Helping you meet the challenge

As specialists in automotive software and IT system quality, we can help your business adapt to new demands. Having worked globally with leading manufacturers, we have successfully delivered quality programmes for embedded software and automotive manufacturing IT systems. We can help in three key areas:

  • Transformation: Telematics, ADAS, Security and full end-to-end integration of your systems requires expertise and experience for testing full-fledged Automotive Software. Our experience can help you create the quality required by the industry with minimal risk to your business.
  • Quality: We can help you build-in quality at the process level through ISO 26262 Compliance, SPICE Certification, MISRA Compliance and continuous improvement.
  • Testing: Automation is the ultimate way to integrate and accelerate your software and process testing, and to ensure the success of your system upgrades. We can manage your quality and testing for you, recommend the best software and systems tools to use and train your staff.

We combine automotive industry domain expertise with our capabilities in security, mobility, analytics, cloud, backend integration and end-to-end process assurance to enhance customer experience.

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