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Putting the pen aside

SQS Group as a guarantor for successful digital transformation at a large European airport


For our client, one of the leading European airport operators, ground-handling services are a major part of the daily business. The company’s Ground Service Unit handles a few hundred thousand aircraft per year, a performance that requires speed, accuracy and efficiency as well as state-of-the-art technology. Their reputation of being one of the “fastest” hubs in Europe can be attributed mainly to the excellent work of their Ground Service Unit which more than 100 national and international airlines rely on.

The airport operator provides high quality digital ramp-handling service to achieve a great level of excellence.

SQS Group is a global, strategic quality partner with profound expertise in airport digital solutions. We are accompanying our clients through inevitable digital change, especially in the area of program and project management. Using continuous quality assurance, our end-to-end approach accelerates change, ensuring business’ agility to deliver faster, better, cost-efficient outputs with greater certainty. As trusted advisor SQS Group accompanies airport operators and their suppliers throughout the digital project life cycle - from initialization to successful rollout.


Previously, all handling processes were documented on paper only. Therefore, all involved stakeholders struggled with countless, unclear documentation with high workload. The digital transformation from a paper documented to a software-based mobile information system for the loading service had to ensure a real-time evaluation of all necessary data and transparency for all involved parties. The implementation made it necessary to set up a cross-company quality plan including 3rd party quality assurance measures providing a future proven, high quality solution, securing the airport operator’s invest. Quality is a key requirement when offering such superior service. High quality service is the airport’s Ground Service standard, and also the customer requirement SQS had to meet.


The airport operator recognized SQS as the trusted, autonomous strategic and independent quality partner to oversee and manage the quality aspects of the complex in-house development including 3rd party deliverables. SQS provided a tailored consulting team to ensure a high quality standard from accompanying business planning activities to acceptance testing by implementing quality assurance measures with all relevant stakeholders, bridging various requirements and interests.

The SQS consulting service ensured a successfully concluded project with emphasis on highest quality providing in-depth operational and processual knowledge.

Having already worked with this client on a number of strategic projects, SQS was the perfect fit.

Project Highlights

  • Drawing up the business plan hand-in-hand with the airport operator
  • Ensuring a high quality requirement baseline through business analysis, adapting iterative techniques
  • Consulting the client through the project management life-cycle on all quality related subjects
  • Providing process expertise and ensuring risk-based unit-/integration testing

Benefits for the Customer

  • Successful transformation from paper-documented to a software-based ground-handling solution
  • Optimized and faster ground-handling process including electronic data processing
  • High quality data for customized online-evaluation to enable customer to profit from an improved provision of information

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