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The pressures of rapidly changing markets and the increase in technological dependence across all industries are driving the need for organisations to reduce response times during software development to fulfil business requirements.

While DevOps promises to deliver higher quality software it will not succeed without a strong focus on quality and expertise in applying measures to introduce and ensure this quality throughout a software product’s life.

Releasing poor quality software and inappropriate architectures can have a dramatic impact on the cost to maintain an application. This is especially true under tight time-to-market conditions and when the speed and capability to deploy rapidly with low risk is essential. This is where SQS comes into the picture.

The SQS Solution


In short, a well-executed DevOps strategy will enable an organisation to get more done. Continuous deployment of end-user features, with fewer faults overall ensure that customer satisfaction is front of mind and organisations gain a competitive edge.

This will impact the SDLC by:

  • Higher Transparency by DevOps quality strategy and governance, architecture, release, and project portfolio management supported by statistics and dashboards
  • Increased number of deployments from low cost test levels based on risks, adequate architecture and regression strategy, thus increasing the ability to deliver working features to end users
  • Acceleration of testing in high complex environments by improved operation architecture and test processes, thus reducing the time required from idea to working implementation
  • Shorter execution time, higher coverage, increased quality of processes and applications, and cost reduction by automation inside the complete SDLC
  • High functional and non –functional feature quality by technical services for development and testing
  • Improved productivity by introducing DevOps roles and services based on SQS global delivery from our centres of excellence  e.g. Development Operations Centre Belfast
  • Consistent application of agile processes, methods and related open source or commercial tool landscapes for different technology layers like .NET or Java

Services can be orchestrated to a mixture of onsite and offshore delivery to involve our SQS DevOps experts e.g. from Belfast. Quality Management services are managing the interface to our delivery centres.

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