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Supported by the ISO 27001 certification, SQS Egypt’s robust business continuity plan has already proven effective during the country’s most unstable times.

An internationally recognised standard, the ISO 27001 certification ensures that our clients enjoy reliable, stable and secure service delivery.

The certification is based on continuous assessment and evaluation of vital organisational and technical measures that address information security and ensure business continuity. From re-visiting SQS Group’s IT policy, to streamlining the organisation’s process definitions and implementing  technical and physical improvements, SQS Egypt’s test centre has been certified to provide a fail-safe environment that guarantees critical data protection, data encryption and data redundancy.

Information Availability

The Cairo test centre adopts the following business continuity measures:

  • Work place redundancy
    Customer data typically remains in the customer environment.
    Critical data held by SQS Egypt are mirrored to servers at other SQS locations in Cologne and London (enabling consultants to move between SQS locations and continue work easily).
  • Communication redundancy
    Three technologies support each other: VoIP, fixed line and mobile telephony.
  • Network redundancy
    Internet access: copper cable connections are supported by a 40 MBit/s WiMAX connection to the next local exchange.
  • HW redundancy
    Critical components are redundant; DHCP Server, firewall server, file server, application servers and core routers.

Information Integrity and Confidentiality

As well as certifying that SQS has the people and procedures to provide uninterrupted access to information for successful projects, the ISO 27001 standard confirms that SQS Egypt is able to protect customer data. All documents, processes and procedures are structured, implemented, monitored and enhanced based on the guidelines and constraints of this standard. The objective of these measures is to guarantee the confidentiality and the integrity of information. User roles, user rights management, authorisation workflows and data access control processes have been implemented to serve, protect and guard the sensitivity of the information.

Awareness is Key

Building a secure and reliable data-centric environment is a goal that requires more than standardised process definitions and implementation of target technical capabilities . Achieving such a goal requires a behavioural change in the organisation to promote a culture of awareness and a  greater sense of responsibility towards data sensitivity and information security.

Consultants at SQS Egypt start their careers with comprehensive training on Information Security awareness. Consultants are also subject to exams and must sign a “user agreement” confirming the  understanding of Information Security measures in practice and his/her legal obligation to adhere to them.

Furthermore, SQS Egypt has established an ISMS team (Information Security Management System Team) – a dedicated work force headed by an information security officer. The team monitors  information security processes and develops security concepts and guidelines specifically for SQS Egypt. The team ensures that every employee is aware of the threats to information security and has adequate tools at their disposal to support the organisation's own security policy.

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