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Expertise In Enterprise Application Testing Including SAP and PLM

As the world’s largest independent quality assurance and software testing company we’re familiar with almost every product lifecycle, quality management, programme management and testing tool and application ‘out there’.

We have access to a suite of tools and provide enterprise applications testing along with, quality assurance and business consultancy services, and where a tool hasn’t been available, we’ve developed our own.

For example, SAP® applications are often both complex and business critical but through our software quality services and SAP® testing we aim to prevent business disruption and reduce the total cost of your SAP® rollout.

In the 30 years since our formation we’ve established strong links and partnerships with several manufacturers of leading systems and enterprise applications; regardless of these alliances, we are still very much independent. Our only agenda is quality, which means our focus is on selecting the right enterprise applications and tools for the project in hand.

Enterprise Application Expertise

We have expertise in industry-leading enterprise application testing a range of platforms, such as: Siemens PLM, SAP®, Oracle ERP, HP ALM and SharePoint.

Our independent stance means we ensure best practice when using these applications, and we can provide 3rd party independent assessment of the correct setup and implementation of them within your organisation. We can be your independent expert, overseeing the integration and upgrade of your core applications.

In fact, when Siemens need an independent test of their PLM software, it’s us they ask.

We have experience of 1000s of different systems, platforms and applications, across multiple industries. 

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