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With an extensive directory of Microsoft partners that offer solutions to the worldwide financial services sector, as well as unique insights into Microsoft’s technology roadmap and regional industry trends, the Financial Services Global Outlook 2013-2016 is designed to give you a real overview of what will be happening across the industry over the next three years and beyond.

Financial services organisations across the industry, including Al-Rajhi Bank, ING Direct Australia, and ABN Amro Private Banking, are taking advantage of the latest technology developments from Microsoft and its partners to handle the challenges they currently face. In the case study section, you can learn more about what they are doing and read many other examples of cutting-edge technology implementations together with solution profiles, which highlight how partners are revolutionising the way organisations operate in this industry. In addition, leading experts in their field discuss the issues affecting the sector in the viewpoints section.

On page 47, SQS’s Sven Euteneuer discusses mobile payments and the quality challenge; while highlighting the benefits mobile payments bring to the financial sector. SQS also provides a managed service case study on page 89, displaying how a managed service can reduce costs and increase quality.

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