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  • Transforming
    the World Through

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  • Delivering better cost
    efficiency in technology-led

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  • Identifying & mitigating
    business risk in
    IT-led change

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  • Business Agility
    business improvement
    at the speed of change

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  • Consumer, market
    & digital demands;

    keep pace in a digitally
    evolving world

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  • Join the best
    & take your career
    to a higher level

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Providing software quality assurance and independent software testing

Transforming the World Through Quality

Change is inevitable, whether it is driven by you, your customers, the competition or regulation. Using Global Leading capabilities in Business Agility, Management Consulting and Continuous Quality, we ensure our clients pace of change becomes a competitive advantage.

As your trusted advisor, independent of system integrators and technology providers, SQS is entirely focused on helping you manage business and technology risks to achieve fit-for-purpose business outcomes. Quality is in our DNA.


SQS is the strategic quality partner for digital business.


Trusted Advisor

Whitepapers and reports, with digital solutions from our specialist consultants


Strategic-level management consultancy, quality assurance and software testing services

Software Quality Company for Digital Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

Providing certainty in a world of digital disruptive technologies

Digital Transformation

Customer Stories

Find out how we helped cut product roll out from 4 weeks to 4 days in a big 6 energy company.

Real-world Case Studies of SQS’s services

Thought Leadership

Download Our Research Report, When Life Imitates Art: Building consumer trust in future technology through quality

The Academy

Accredited training in agile, ISTQB, business analysis, and technical testing

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