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SQS was appointed by Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) to help plan their User Acceptance Testing and Market Entry Assurance ahead of the Open Water programme launch; and are now working with MOSL to assure their business processes are ready for market opening.

Using this insight and knowledge we can support water companies in the transition to the new open market in April 2017, in which 1.2 million eligible business customers (businesses, charities or public sector) will be able to choose who supplies their water and wastewater services.

Helping with Market Entry Assurance, Shadow Operations, Live Operations and Beyond

SQS’ analysis, consulting and testing services are assisting wholesalers and retailers to identify and implement the changes in technology, people and process required to underpin this transformation. Providing confidence in the successful implementation of changes for market operation and ensuring the risk of going live at any stage is fully understood.

Considerations and Areas Where SQS can Help

  • Interface and Data Transaction Testing (IDTT)
    Do you know what test data you need, and how you will set it up correctly for Market Scenario Testing?
  • Market Scenario Testing
    What scenarios must you run, what should you run, and why?
  • Shadow Operations
    Are you ready to support HVI and LVI bi-lateral communication with retailers and wholesalers?  How will you validate and incorporate Settlement reporting in your business operations?
  • Live and Beyond
    There are many more code changes to come so how will you cope with the volume of change without specialist support?

Robust testing provides assurance at every step – assurance that your company will be market ready, wholesale ready, retail ready and able to manage ongoing change.

Follow the river in the map and see how we can help you through to Market Opening in April 2017!

For further information on the critical role of market readiness testing and assurance – download the report today.

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