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Industry Quality Assurance Testing & Digital Transformation

The advantages of digital business models can also be their greatest challenge. Making this work means operating within an environment of constant change – on a business and technology standpoint – with multiple delivery partners, in-depth technical due diligence, aggressive timescales and managing unclear risks.

SQS specialist consultants work within a range of key industries, implementing digital transformation, bringing management consultancy, quality assurance and software testing to market-specific projects. As a business, we have a depth and breadth of expertise and experience through our network of global consultants.

This means that when you engage our consultancy to manage your software testing and quality assurance, you will have access to detailed, industry-specific expertise and best practice.

Our consultants work in partnership with your business to understand the need for the latest technologies and digital transformation with the wider market implications of what you’re trying to achieve, and have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape of your sector.

Financial Services

SQS has a long history of working in the financial sector; banking, capital markets, insurance and financial services. In a heavily regulated industry, the need to be compliant is a top priority for organisations. Our expertise, methodology and fundamental quality assurance framework has been developed in close partnership and working with some of the world’s leading financial institutions.


We help you adopt advanced manufacturing technology, while meeting sustainability and regulatory requirements. In our 30 years of supporting manufacturing, we’ve worked with leading global organisations across a range of sectors, including: aerospace, automotive, high tech, consumer electronics, medical devices and FMCG.

Retail and Logistics

We work with retailers, supply chain businesses and transportation providers to mitigate your risks and increase confidence in delivering new technologies. Our quality-focused approach to software and application testing helps you to ensure rapid development and launch of new services in this highly competitive marketplace.

Energy and Utilities

We work with energy providers, oil and gas trading businesses and water companies. Through quality assurance and intelligent test management, we can ensure that as you rollout new IT infrastructure, applications or large-scale projects that they are robust enough to handle market complexity and continuous regulatory change.

Telecommunications and Media

SQS has been helping telecommunications clients deliver successful projects for over 30 years. Our clients often undertake major investments in software, process and hardware and we will ensure that you can mitigate risk associated with delivering innovative and reliable new products, services and systems.

Online Gaming and i-Gaming

Over the past 10 years, we have delivered quality assurance and testing services to numerous developers, operators, platform providers and gambling commissions. In that time, we’ve tested over 500 games and have a well-defined and proven game certification testing methodology.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Our work with healthcare providers, cosmetic and pharmaceutical businesses ensures a high level of compliance, accuracy, security and data flow between essential systems. We also provide computer system validation assessment services.

Public Sector

Through consultancy, quality best practice and integrated testing, we’ve helped primary care trusts, schools, colleges, central government and local councils implement a digital strategy that delivers on its promise and encourages digital uptake.

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