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Our extensive experience in quality assurance and in the financial services sector means that we can advise on the technological impact of change in your business.

Our expertise, methodology and comprehensive framework for quality assurance in financial services has been developed through working closely with some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

As your financial services organisation faces increasing regulatory and compliance challenges, digitally demanding consumers and strong competition from new entrants into the market, we have the expertise to guide you through the transformation needed to operate, compete and grow in the new and digital age.

How SQS Supports the Financial Sector

We bring a wealth of experience across the whole spectrum of the diverse financial sector, including:

We’ve been working in these areas for over 30 years, however it’s today’s digital challenges of security, user experience and constantly evolving regulatory compliance where our clients value our support and guidance the most. 

Our quality assurance expertise in financial services provides you with insight from our management consultancy – from consumer facing digital banking to trading; delivering professional advice on your software development that results in applications that respond effectively to market trends or regulations.

Engaging SQS as a strategic quality partner means that we can support your software development from conception to completion; implementing a quality framework that focuses on defect prevention, rather than defect detection. We understand the need for pure data, the highest security and seamless system integration in this demanding sector.

Working closely with you in the early stages enables us to help you to integrate software testing management and quality assurance at the scoping stage of your project. If you need to accelerate your time to market, we can set up an Agile framework of continuous development and integration, resulting in rapid time to market, but also right first time software launches and system upgrades.

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