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Nowhere has the ‘digital revolution’ been more prevalent than in the consumer-led retail, logistics and transport sectors. New, almost overnight successes are beginning to dominate your market with some established players struggling to keep up with digital transformation. Today, the digitally transformed retail organisations who are offering the consumer a simpler life are winning the race.

In today’s retail world for a customer, ‘seamless experience’ across many channels is most significant aspects. It’s digital technology that is making the difference. Behind the aim of creating the simple and seamless life for the consumer is ever more complex and intelligent technology. At SQS we can support the successful development and rapid launch of your technology.

How SQS Can Help you Move into the Digital Age

We work for retailers, supply chain businesses, warehouses and transportation providers to mitigate risks and increase confidence in delivering new technologies, fast, to digitally transform your company.

Whether your focus is outwards, towards the consumer, or on the integration of your back-end systems to support your retail and supply chain activities, our quality-focused approach to software application testing will ensure rapid development and launch within this highly competitive marketplace.

We are experts in ensuring quality for all retail, transport and supply chain scenarios from new PoS systems, online marketplace launches, ticket systems, SCM platforms, to transforming store operations with technologies, including electronic shelf-edge labelling, mobile PoS and NFC.

Ultimately, your ability to adapt and respond to the market will determine your success. Our assurance service can help you get your development right first time by providing consultancy, strong governance and a robust quality and software assurance methodology that enables your developers to safely innovate within a real-time production environment that significantly reduces your time to market.

SQS can provide business consultancy, quality best-practice and testing management services.

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