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Technology that gives the consumer choice and flexibility is changing the cards and payments landscape. Mobile payments are set to become a preferred consumer choice, raising a challenge for banks, financial institutions as well as newcomers to the cards and payments field to protect data and further reduce card fraud at a time of unprecedented change. Block chain technology is set to influence the payments further. The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) is also giving rise to Internet of Payments (IoP).

Rapid regulatory changes are being introduced to ensure that non-banking institutions are processing payments with various devices, channels and instruments in a secure, controlled and customer centric manner. Global trend towards implementing faster, immediate payments is evident in many countries. The regulatory push to increase competition in processing payments is driving the evolution of new business models involving Fintech and banks. Payment Hubs are increasingly seen as a solution for complex payment processing needs. 

As payment systems continue to evolve they require continuous testing for security and efficiency.

To address the ever-changing cards and payments landscape, banks, retailers and financial institutions have to constantly innovate while ensuring that the deployed infrastructure is compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations.

This is where SQS' unique position as a truly independent software quality partner can help.

How SQS Supports Cards and Payment Systems Testing

Our expertise lies in providing independent business consultancy, testing methodology and quality management services across the software development lifecycle.

Our global network of specialist consultants assist in the delivery of large-scale software development programmes and enable transformational change through strategic-level consultancy, quality management and effective test management within the tightly regulated and security-sensitive cards and payments landscape.

We have a proven track record and considerable expertise in the cards and payments, including:

  • High value, low value payment systems, corporate & retail payments, domestic and cross border payments, networks and schemes.
  • Consumer cards, commercial cards, debit, credit, charge & prepaid cards, mobile wallets, PLCC and Islamic cards.
  • All aspects of payment processing: PoS/mPoS, ATM terminals, authorisations, transaction routing and switching, clearing and settlements.
  • Compliance and regulatory controls: PSD2, Open Banking, AML, Dodd Frank, FINCEN and Durbin amendment.
  • Card technology: magnetic stripe, EMV chip and pin, contactless cards, mobility applications using NFC technology.
  • Industry leading card management and payment hub solutions, risk and fraud detection applications, loyalty solutions.
  • Specific solution accelerators - FaXimme (Authorisation simulator), SWIFTest (SWIFT message generator), MT-MX message convertor, shift-left automation and more.

With our support and guidance, you can embrace the digital wave, enabling your customers to pay in the way they want, through their preferred channel, while keeping their personal information – and their money – secure. Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your cards and payment systems testing.

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