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The arrival of ‘the digital age’ should make life for the public sector and governmental organisations easier.

Yet, poor implementation can result in slow digital uptake, unsatisfactory user experience and even serious security breaches; all of which can make the transition to a digital-based service less than optimal.

When implemented correctly, today’s leading edge quality assurance processes and technologies can help government organisations to achieve what used to be highly labour intensive and sometime impossible.

As a government department, you can dramatically improve customer service and experience for millions of citizens and save on unnecessary public expenditure. 

You can integrate your quality assurance processes and systems, enabling speed to market for digital services, automating and improving the overall citizen interactive experience with Government. The only way to do this is through a software and systems development strategy that is underpinned by world-class continuous quality assurance and testing capabilities and methodologies. That’s where we come in.

SQS: Providing Quality Assurance to the Public Sector

We are a global, independent quality assurance and software testing company with a wealth of experience in the public sector. Through advisory software quality services and training best practice, we’ve helped health trusts, education providers, justice organisations and other central government departments and local councils implement and deliver digital services that create significant value and ease of engagement for the citizen. Specifically for public sector, we offer support on:

  • Digital services testing strategy, including agile software delivery governance and coaching
  • Advisory and implementation of accelerated software delivery and testing platforms – with a focus on DevOps software delivery enablement and automated continuous quality solutions
  • Quality intelligence & analytics services through the use of cloud services
  • User experience testing, including, digital performance management, mobile testing, market testing and sentiment analysis for digital services
  • Quality governance of 3rd party digital services solutions delivery
  • UAT management across new implementations, upgrades and migrations

Now is the time to take advantage of what technology can offer – especially in the current climate of reducing costs in public services. We make sure you get your digital projects right first time.

Our software testing expertise can help you use today’s technology to bring efficiency, quality assurance and cost-effectiveness to your public sector organisation. 

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