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Competitive pressures are driving retail banks to innovate and become more efficient. Yet, the demands of new and more stringent global compliance requirements on your business consume a large proportion of your retail bank’s budgets as competition increases.

To remain competitive, banks are going through a continuous digital transformation as they implement new IT architectures for their processing platforms. In order to strengthen your client focus, you will need to develop customer centric applications that enable secure mobile interaction.

Speed, accuracy and confidence in the ability to securely implement software and platform changes as part of your digital transformation, is a major success factor for your financial institution in the retail banking market.

SQS can help you to adapt your approach to software development to include quality management and software testing throughout the entire development lifecycle, shifting the focus to defect prevention rather than defect detection at the end of the project.

Our Role in Retail Banking

As a leading independent software quality assurance and testing company SQS has over 30 years’ experience and over 4000 quality consultants across the globe. We can support you in delivering strategic level consultancy, quality management and testing best practice for all your software development projects and programs.

Crucially, we integrate quality at the requirements stage of all large-scale projects, but can also set up an Agile framework of continuous development and delivery as well as monitor your application over the entire lifecycle. To ensure success at launch, we offer a crowd sourcing service that enables you to test various user experience configurations to a targeted demographic. Introducing automation will help you to cope with the increasing complexity and sheer amount of data and testing required, as well as validate your systems to ensure compliance.

Our experience can ensure your developments will successfully integrate new and developing technologies in the digital retail banking space, including: Mobile Wallet, Block Chain and Fintech Solutions, such as PayTM. We can also help you get the most from your customers’ data, through intelligent analytics, data warehousing and providing current advice on security and compliance.

Our consultants’ experience within the complex and unique retail banking systems landscape provides you with strategic-level testing and quality advice to create a fundamental environment of best-practice development and technical innovation. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you meet the needs of the retail banking sector.

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